GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS and services of the Panini Web Club

The Panini Web Club contains a number of different services (referred to as the "Services"), which are supplied by Panini S.p.A., Viale Emilio Po 380, 41126 Modena, Italy for its users. Subscription to the Panini Web Club and the use of one or more of its Services implies acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions. Legislation 22.5.1999 n.185 regarding the protection of consumer rights in contracts made between parties not present is applicable to the Panini Web Club members (referred to as the "Members") to whom is granted exclusively the possibility to order online.

Conditions for the subscription to the Panini Web Club and for the use of its Services
The personal data supplied with the subscription is used in accordance with D.L. 196/2003 Italian Law (Privacy Law) and for purposes of the Panini Web Club Services only. A subscription without supplying the personal data is not possible. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions the Member declares that the personal data supplied is true and correct. In case a registered user supplies to Panini the personal data of another person (parents, relatives, friends, etc.) he assumes full responsiblity excluding Panini from any responsibility resulting from or connected to the data treatment.
Panini reserves the right to suspend its Services without notice and at any time and to cancel the subscription, in particular in the following cases:
1) If the Member uses the Panini Web Club for illegal purposes or for the transmission and exchange of illicit, defamatory or abusive material, which infringes the right to privacy of other parties. The same is true if the material is of a threatening, abusive, damaging or obscene nature or violates the industrial or intellectual property rights or the rights of third parties.
2) If the subscriber uses the services for transmitting viruses, chain letters or for the (mass) distribution of material not requested via e-mail.
3) If the subscriber violates particular terms and conditions of one or more of the Services to which he is subscribed in the Panini Web Club
Panini will collaborate with the public authorities in case they should ask for information or data necessary to get hold of persons who committed illegal activities.

General Terms and Conditions and relating changes
The subscriber expressly authorizes Panini to send these terms and conditions, any other particular conditions and any successive changes, which constitute all the information necessary for the use of the Services, to his/her e-mail address or through links to the relevant Panini Web Club pages.
Panini reserves the right to change at any time and without notice the general terms and conditions or the modalities and the availability/use of the single Services.
The Member has the possibility to check the valid terms and conditions at any time directly online on the web pages of the Panini sites. The subscriber can revoke the subscription in the event that he/she does not wish to accept the new terms and conditions of the Services, according to the below instructions.
Subscription to the Panini Web Club is not subject to a time length, but the subscriber can withdraw his/her subscription at any time, by following the instructions indicated in the initial e-mail of activation, or by accessing the online area reserved to Members, where a cancellation of the subscription can be carried out.
A continued use of the Services constitutes the Member's acceptance of these general terms and conditions, of any other particular conditions and of any successive changes.

Online Stores
Panini requires information for shipping and billing the online orders. Without the Member's expressed permission to use his data for statistical purposes, information about services and products, marketing and market surveys, special offers and promotions also from companies outside of the Panini group, Panini will use the Member's e-mail address only for communications regarding the order process.

Access, password and security of subscriber
The Panini Web Club is accessible through the Member's registered e-mail address and password. The subscriber is responsible for maintaining secrecy of his/her password and also assumes complete responsibility for any damage caused to Panini or third parties due to non-observance of the above.
He is therefore responsible for each activity he/she undertakes in the environment of the Panini Web Club and agrees to keep Panini out of any action or threat deriving from use or abuse of his participation in the Panini Web Club and/or its Services. The Member is obliged to notify Panini immediately and in writing of a possible loss of the password or of any unauthorized use of his/her user name and/or password or any other violation of security which comes to his/her attention. The Member can at any time change his/her password following the instructions online.

Functioning of the Panini Web Club
The Panini Web Club works with an automatic member recognition mechanism through cookie, that is active when the Services are used: if the Member has already entered his e-mail address and password to access and use one of the Services, he does not have to repeat this step when passing from one Service to another except those Services that require an extra subscription. If the Member wants to inhibit this automatic recognition system he can do so at any time by using the instruments at his disposal (e.g. logout)

Exclusion of guarantee
The Member expressly agrees that the use of the Services is at his/her own risk. The Services are supplied "as they are" and "as provided". Panini offers no guarantee that the Services correspond to the needs of the Member or that they are uninterrupted, secure or without error; moreover Panini offers no guarantee on the results expected, desired or obtained through the use of the Services.

Limitation of responsibility
Panini denies responsibility for any eventual demands made by the Member relating to the inability to use the Services for any reason. Panini assumes no responsibility for damages, requests or losses whether direct or indirect, caused to the Member due to non and/or defective function of the electronic appliances of the Member or third parties, including those of the Internet Service Providers, telephone and/or digital connections not installed or organised by Panini or persons under its control. Panini cannot be held responsible for damages arising from non-use of the Services because of the lack of, or mistaken function of any electronic means of communication due to circumstances beyond its control, such as natural disaster, fire, power cut, breakdown of telephone lines or of other means of network supply, malfunction of electronic appliances, even those that do not represent an integral part of the Internet network, malfunction of software installed by the Member, or actions of other users or persons that have access to the network.

Ban on resale and commercial use of the Services
The right of the Member to use the Services is solely personal. The Member can be only one person. The Member cannot be a juridical person, group or other organisation, even without juridical nature. The Member agrees not to resell these Services or use them for any commercial end.

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