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We encourage you to carefully read these terms and conditions of use before navigating and using services on this website and its application for smartphones and tablets, if any (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Application"). By browsing and/or using the services on the Application you fully accept these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Use of the Application content
This Application is owned by Panini S.p.A. - Single Shareholder (hereinafter referred to as Panini). It is prohibited to copy, reproduce, publish, post or distribute by other means or on other websites or applications material taken from this Application, which is available for your personal use only. It is prohibited to use this Application for commercial purposes or in any way considered to be in our sole discretion, unlawful or harmful.
Any unauthorised use of texts and illustrations, even in part, will be prosecuted as a violation of copyright and ownership rights.
By installing and/or using this Application, the user declares to have read, understood and accepted the conditions of use; declares, furthermore, to observe all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not fully accept the conditions of use below, do not use this Application.
This Application contains proprietary notices and copyright information, the terms of which must be observed and followed. The information provided on this Application may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors for which Panini may not be held responsible.
Information may be changed or updated without notice. Panini reserves the right to make changes and/or improvements at any time and without notice, to the products and/or procedures in this Application. Furthermore Panini has the right to edit the Application or delete Content or features in any way, on whatever basis or without reason. Panini assumes no responsibility regarding the accuracy of the information provided, the use of which is at your sole risk. Furthermore, by providing such information, Panini does not grant any licenses to any copyrights, patents or any other intellectual property right.
The information published by Panini on this Application may contain direct or indirect references to products whose launch is not announced or that may not be available in your country.

Forwarding of information and Material
Panini does not accept the submission of material and/or information of a confidential or reserved nature through this Application. Any information or material sent to Panini will not be considered confidential. The forwarding of information or materials of any kind to Panini will give the latter unrestricted, irrevocable license to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, transmit and distribute such materials or information. By forwarding such material or information you also consent to Panini's free use of any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques sent to us for any purpose. However, your name will not be published nor the fact that material or other information has been provided by you to us unless:
authorisation for the use of your name has been obtained; or
we first notify you that the materials or other information submitted by you to a specific section of this Application will be publicised or otherwise used with your name; or
we are expressly requested by law.
Information or materials submitted is intended as text, messages, ideas, concepts, graphics, photographs, drawings, videos, audiovisual works, or your biographical material and/or belonging to other people, and/or similar materials that will be forwarded, published, uploaded, Integrated, exposed, communicated or distributed on or through the Panini Application. Such material provided by you to Panini through the Application, publicised or uploaded will be treated as non-confidential and not your property and Panini will not accept any liability, obligation, or commitment for them or for receiving or not receiving them. If, unsolicited material is forwarded either intentionally or accidentally on or for our Application, it is done so with the knowledge that no agreement exists between us. Thus, you agree to forward this material not based on a relationship of confidentiality or trust, and furthermore, agree that you do not expect to receive any review, compensation or consideration of any kind on our part.
However Panini may request the submission of material through features or activities on this Application. The material and information that we expressly require to be provided to us through a feature or activity of an Application (such as contests with prizes, competitions and promotions) are subject to subscription and acceptance of the policy in force concerning the processing of personal data.

Panini is not in any way responsible for the websites or applications which can be accessed through this Application. When you access a non-Panini website or applications, even if it contains the Panini logo, it is important to remember that it is a website or an applications that is independent of Panini and that the latter has no control over the contents of the website or the application in question. In addition, the presence of a link to a non-Panini websites or applications does not imply approval or acceptance of responsibility by Panini regarding their content or their use. It is your responsibility to take all necessary precautions to ensure that whatever material you select to use is free of harmful elements such as viruses, worms, "Trojan or Trojan horse" and so on.
Panini will in no event be held responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages arising from the use of this Application or other websites or applications that are accessed through a hyperlink, including, without limitation, damages such as loss of profits or turnover, interruption of business or professional activity, loss of programs or other kinds of data stored on your computer system or otherwise, even if Panini was expressly advised of the possibility of such damages. All information is provided exclusively in the "state in which they are found".
Panini does not take any responsibility nor shall it provide any express or implied guarantees, including the implied guarantees on the suitability for a particular purpose, merchantability and non-infringement of the rules of use.
Panini reserves the right to make, without notice at any time, changes and/or updates to the terms of use. The user, continuing to use this Application also accepts the aforementioned updates and/or changes, this page, therefore, should be visited periodically to verify the current conditions of use in force.
Panini will use reasonable efforts to make the Application always working and available. However the Application is provided over mobile networks not controlled by Panini. For this reason Panini will not be responsible for unavailability of the Application, or any difficulty or inability to download or access content or any other communication system failure which may result in the Application being unavailable.
If you are not the bill payer for the mobile telephone or handheld device being used to access the Application, you will be assumed to have received permission from the bill payer for using the Application.

General Conditions of Sale
We encourage you to read these terms and conditions of sale carefully before proceeding with any purchase on the website and its application for smartphones and tablets, if any (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Application"). By making any purchase you fully accept these Terms and Conditions of Sale.
Please note that the purchase of products sold on this Application involves the conclusion of a contract of sale with the company Panini S.p.A. - Single Shareholder, Viale Emilio Po 380, 41126 Modena, Italy and order processing will take place from Italian territory.

Sales contracts, involving the stickers and other products offered for sale on this Application, owned by the Panini S.p.A. - Single Shareholder (hereinafter referred to simply as Panini), and entered into remotely via computer networks are governed solely by these general conditions of contract.

These general terms and conditions shall exclusively govern sales contracts concluded with consumers - understood as those natural persons acting for purposes which are outside his/her trade, business or profession - and Panini.
This means that products and services offered on sale on Panini Group's Application are addressed to customers who purchase for personal use only and not to those who purchase for commercial purposes (e.g. re-sale, even if in forms which are different from the original form, individually sold or combined with other products, used as prize for contests and similar activities, etc.).

Conclusion of the contract and acceptance of the general conditions of sale
Contracts for the sale of the products offered for sale on this Application shall be deemed concluded when the payment of the transaction has occurred.

Consumer obligations
The consumer is required, prior to submitting the purchase order, to read these terms and conditions of contract carefully. Purchase order forwarding involves their full knowledge and acceptance.
Finally, the consumer must, once the online purchase procedure is complete, print and keep these general conditions of contract that have already been read and accepted during the conclusion of the contract.

Method of purchase
The consumer purchases the product, with the characteristics described in the related descriptions or technical specifications sections, according to the product, the price including VAT specified therein, in addition to the cost of delivery indicated on the Application and in the purchase order.
Before the purchase order is forwarded, the unit cost of each selected product, the total cost in the event of purchase of more than one product and the related delivery costs are itemised.
Once the purchase order is validated by Panini, the consumer will receive an order confirmation via email containing information relating to the main features of the goods purchased, details of the price, delivery costs, applicable taxes and payment method.

Payment methods
The consumer can make due payment by selecting one of the following methods listed.
Credit card payment
Payment for purchases by credit card can only be made by credit card for the missing sticker shops and local shops and only by the owner/holder of the credit card.
In the event that the consumer wishes to pay by credit card, the purchaser may make use of procedure that Panini has made available, suitable for ensuring confidentiality of the data provided by the customers. In particular, this procedure involves the insertion of the credit card's information through a secure connection at the payment gateway, which guarantees a high degree of safety: Panini, in fact, will not come to know the consumers credit card number, that will pass directly from the Application to the payment gateway managed by the circuit's, without being stored by Panini or others. Therefore, Panini cannot in any way be held responsible for fraud or illegal credit card use on its Application.

Payment by alternative methods
The consumer can choose one of the "alternative methods" shown on the Application and follow the instructions provided (depending on the country and the type of store it may also include postal order, international postal order, bank transfer or PayPal).
When payment is made via postal order or bank transfer, the consumer must indicate the "Order ID" number that appears on the summary page at the conclusion of the purchase process, so as to facilitate the fulfilment of the process.

Delivery of products
The good purchased is delivered to the geographic address indicated by the consumer. Any specific requirements should be provided by the consumer to Panini.
Panini shall deliver the goods to the consumer's geographical address via courier or postal service.
Delivery of the good is guaranteed within 30 working days from the day after the consumer has made a payment transaction online.
In the event that the consumer has chosen the payment method using postal order, bank transfer or international money order, the product is delivered within 30 days following the day Panini receives payment.
If the item purchased is not available, Panini will inform the consumer via email address provided by the consumer (or rather, if not provided, to another address that the consumer will provide in the order). In case of temporary unavailability of the good, Panini will communicate the situation to the consumer who may choose whether to wait until the product is available or to cancel the order and get a refund of the price paid. In the event that the good is no longer available, Panini will communicate the fact to the consumer who can choose whether to order another item or to cancel the order and get a refund of the price paid.

Compliance and defective products warranty
Products purchased on the "Panini" Application are subject to the regulations regarding the sale of consumer goods contained in the Directive 1999/44/EC of the European Parliament and Council of 25 May 1999 on certain aspects of the sale and guarantees of consumer goods.
The products delivered are in compliance with the characteristics shown in the related descriptive or technical specifications sections, according to the product purchased by the consumer.
Panini is liable to the consumer for any inherent flaws/defects existing at delivery of the good.
In any event in which the goods delivered have inherent flaws/defects, the consumer has the right to have the compliance of the goods restored or the replacement thereof or, if this is not possible, refund of the price paid.
Without prejudice to the enforceability of the remaining provisions contained in Directive 1999/44/EC, the aforementioned right incurred by the consumer provided that the delivered good is used correctly, in compliance with its use and as provided in the instructions accompanying the product purchased by the consumer. In particular, the above warranty does not apply to goods that have inherent flaws/defects that the consumer was aware at the time of conclusion of the contract or that could not have been reasonably ignored.
The consumer is required to report to Panini inherent flaws/defects of the goods that become apparent within 2 years from the delivery date and within 60 days from the date on which the defect was discovered. The consumer loses the aforementioned rights listed if he/she does not report the inherent flaws/defects within the period stated.

Right of withdrawal
The consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal. In particular, the consumer is entitled to withdraw from any contract with Panini without any penalty and without specifying the reason within the term of ten working days from the receipt of the goods.
The right of withdrawal is the responsibility of the consumer in relation to any good purchased by him/her on this Application, except for sealed software products opened by the consumer after delivery, newspapers, periodicals or magazines offered for sale on this Application and with the exception of customised products such as those called MyPanini™.

Methods to exercise the right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal is performed by forwarding a registered letter with notification of receipt to Panini's geographic address indicated below.
In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the notification must be sent to the following address, to the attention of "Customer Relations" Office:
Panini S.p.A.- Single Member, Via Emilio Po, 380 41126, Modena, Italy.
If the good has already been delivered, the consumer is required to return it to Panini within 14 working days from the date that the good was delivered.
The goods must be returned to Panini complete with all accessories and everything that was originally delivered to the consumer, as well as packed in its original wrapping. The product should be returned together with a copy of the order's electronic receipt.
The costs of returning the goods to Panini are borne by the consumer.
If the right of withdrawal is exercised by the consumer pursuant to the provisions of this clause, Panini is obliged to reimburse the amounts paid by the consumer within 14 days from the date Panini receives the communication sent by the consumer about his decision to withdraw from the contract. Panini will refund the amounts paid by the consumer by postal check in Euro or by refund to the consumer's credit card if that method of payment was used.
Panini has the right to reject any products returned using any other methods other than those specified above, as well as products for which the consumer has not fully paid the cost of return, or has not complied with the manner and the time detailed as per notification to exercise the right of withdrawal.

Applicable law
This contract is governed by Italian law. The application of Italian law to this contract does not prejudice the possible application of mandatory rules of law in the consumer's Country of residence existing to safeguard the consumer.

In the event of a dispute between Panini S.p.A. the court located in the consumer's place of residence or domicile if located in the State's territory will have jurisdiction.

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