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What we could do together
Panini Spa is the largest manufacturing company for collectible stickers and trading cards in the world and is committed to the production of high quality products based on a wide range of licensed entertainment and sports.

A key to the success of the Panini Brand has been the introduction of stickers as a powerful promotional tool thanks to Panini's ability to customise products to the needs of partners in the toy, apparel, food, beverage, confectionery, petroleum, restaurant and newstrade industries.

The Panini product offers options such as in-packs, on-packs, redemptions, coupons and instant win premiums.

Customized Products
º Brand logos on albums and packets
º Exclusively designed sticker and card subsets
º Specially created Elements (posters, inserts, etc.)

A Partner can choose how to use the product, using the following options:

º A guaranteed premium with every purchase
º Randomly available, surprise premium
º Self-liquidating premium

Panini's expansion policy has contributed to increasing distribution which has become the broadest in the industry, reaching over 3 million outlets world-wide. The Panini sticker/card packet and album has proved to be an ideal advertising vehicle for partners seeking a broad consumer base.

Each album is used for about 10 weeks and then kept for a long time. Our albums are printed and sold in thousands of copies (200,000 to 1,200,000 or more). We offer advertising space on the inside-back and outside-back covers of the albums. These covers carry the only ads in the album.

The wide range of Panini products offers several advertising space options:

Specially-designed promotional campaigns.

What Panini can do for you
º Use subjects from our extensive library and re-edit a collection (even in an abridged form) for exclusive promotional use.
º Offer one of our past collections which is no longer available at retail and tailor it to your promotional needs.
º Plan a joint initiative linking one of our collections currently available at retail to special, tailor-made gadgets available only together with your products.
º We can also maximise the use of your own promotional activity products.

If you are interested in any commercial partnership with Panini, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further details of our prospective partnership:

º Send us an e-mail to: promotion@paninigroup.com
º Send a fax to +39-59-827431
º Write to Panini headquarters in Modena, Italy.

Our address is: Panini Spa - International Promotions Dept., Viale Emilio Po 380, 41126 Modena MO, Italy.

My Panini™ B2B
My Panini™ B2B offers the opportunity to create personalized products and make exclusive promotional projects. This type of service is mainly aimed at companies that want to use stickers- with or without albums- as marketing tools during conferences, events and meetings.
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