Who we are and who we were: Panini past and present
The Panini Group

The Panini sticker and card division is part of an important international group which, in Italy and most major European countries, is composed of 4 divisions. In addition to the sticker and card Division, Panini has a Comic Division, a Comic distribution Division (Pan Distribuzione, where Pan stands for Panini...) and a New Media Division (Panini Interactive, which develops and carries out Internet and multi-media projects).

The Panini Group: History and Background Info

Panini was founded in 1961 with the launch of its first Calciatori/Football Players collection. The founders, the Panini brothers, had already opened a news stand on Corso Duomo in Modena in 1945 and by 1954 had started the Panini Brothers Newspaper Distribution Office.

The company remained under the control of the Panini family and grew to reach an annual turnover in excess of 100 billion lira.

In 1988, the company was sold to the Maxwell Group, which imposed a series of managerial changes through foreign management. After years of financial difficulties, Panini was bought by Bain Gallo Cuneo and De Agostini in 1992. It took only two years of careful administration to return to its past glory. Panini then joined the Marvel Entertainment Group. The management, however, headed by Aldo H. Sallustro, was maintained, and the headquarters remained in Italy.

On October 8th, 1999, Panini was bought by Vittorio Merloni's Fineldo SpA, an Italian conglomerate engaged in the manufacture of various consumer products and financing businesses, together with the Senior Management of Panini.

Recently, Panini has acquired the company World Foot Center, which deals with the distribution and promotion of football merchandising, both for clubs and for the French national team. It has also acquired a major share in DigitalSoccer Project, which develops revolutionary software in the sports sector. Moreover, the manufacturing of adhesive paper, represented by the Adespan division, has been sold to Avery Dennison, the world leader in the adhesive paper market.

The Panini Group, with headquarters in Modena, Italy is the world leader in the collectables and trading cards market. Panini is also one of the leading publishers of children’s magazines and books, comics, manga and graphic novels, in both Europe and Latin America. In addition to this Panini is involved in substantial multi-media programmes. In 2013 the Panini Group sales exceeded 531 million Euros (728 million USD) with sales in over 120 countries, supported by 12 subsidiaries and over 900 employees worldwide. For further info, please contact: "http://www.paninigroup.com".
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